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Thanksgiving With Your Pets

It’s no secret that, at The Urban Dog Group, we think of our furry friends as family. As you get ready for the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s important that you keep your pets’ wellbeing in mind.

Here are five tips to consider as you prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving with your pets.

1. Be mindful of feeding scraps to Fido.

It may seem harmless, but giving your pup people food may do more than upset his belly. It can lead some dogs to refuse to eat their usual food or even seek out food that is toxic to them (more on that below). Plus, it might be the start of a habit that proves very hard to break! Pups can be very stubborn, and those constant hand nudges while you’re eating will quickly become tiresome.

If you do want to share some turkey with your four-legged friend, remove all fat, skin, and bones. If it’s been roasted with spices, be sure to rinse it well, as some spices are toxic for animals. Additionally, add it to their food bowl rather than feeding them straight from the table.

2. Know poison risks.

Along those same lines, be aware of what foods are toxic to your pet. Common Thanksgiving foods like onions, raisins, yeast, and grapes are poisonous to animals. Additionally, sweet treats containing xylitol can be deadly if consumed. If you want to do something special and festive for your dog, consider buying them a holiday-themed toy or baking homemade treats with fall ingredients like peanut butter and pumpkin.

3. Pay attention to your festive decor.

To start, place any breakable decorations behind a glass cabinet door or high on a shelf — tucked away from curious felines or tail-wagging dogs! Never leave your pet alone in a room with a lit candle. Be cautious when it comes to holiday greenery too: Plants like Baby’s Breath, Sweet William, Lilies, Poinsettias, Pinecones, and more can be life-threatening when ingested. Visit the XX (ASPCA) website to learn more.

4. Prepare adequately for social gatherings.

Hosting a holiday party? Garbage often piles up quickly, so be sure to dispose of it safely to prevent pets from digging through it. If your furry friend is a shy or nervous pet, it may be smart to put them in a crate or secluded room in an effort to manage their emotional stress. If they are wandering around during the festivities, pay close attention to doors as you welcome your guests. Double-check that your pet is wearing his collar and/or has up-to-date identification with his microchip.

5. Make plans for safe travel.

If your pet is joining you on a road trip, be sure to use a secure leash or carrier. Never leave an animal alone in a vehicle, especially on hot days. Air travel can be dangerous for pets, so talk to your vet before making any arrangements. Lastly, don’t forget to pack for both yourself and your pet. Bring along enough food, a travel water bottle or bowl, any medications, and medical records if needed. If space allows, pack a bed and some of their favorite toys too.

Wishing you and your pets a happy Thanksgiving!

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