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Five Reasons to Rescue a Dog

Did you know that nearly three million dogs across the country are in animal shelters or rescue groups at any given time? Every one of these dogs needs a home! When you adopt a pup from a local shelter, you truly make a difference.

Here are five reasons to rescue a dog:

1. You’re saving a life.

First and foremost, by giving your pup a new home, you’re saving its life! Plus, you’re opening up a much-needed spot in the shelter, allowing them to rescue another pet.

Unsure of what type of dog you want? Luckily, many shelters and rescue groups can help you make this decision based on your available time and space, family allergies, etc. If you’re specifically looking for a purebred pup, you’ll often find them at shelters due to owner surrender or breeding situations gone wrong. Always check with local organizations before seeking out a breeder!

2. You get to go shopping!

In preparation for your new pet, you’ll need to buy a collar and leash, bed, crate, toys, food, treats, and more. You have the perfect excuse to spoil them rotten! They deserve it after their time at a shelter.

3. Shelter dogs often cost less than dogs purchased from a breeder or pet store.

Shelter dogs generally cost less to buy. Some shelters even cover the cost of your initial medical bills — including vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, microchipping, flea and tick treatment, and dewormer — in your adoption fee. You may be able to grab some supplies, like a collar and leash, at a discount too.

4. Your new pet may already be trained.

Many shelter dogs come from homes that can longer afford to keep them. That means, they may already be potty-trained and know basic commands, like come, sit, and stay. There’s also a good chance they’ll be a bit older, so you’ll get to skip the challenging puppy phase. No need to worry about chewed shoes, scratched furniture, or a mess everywhere!

5. You have a new friend forever.

Finally, you now have a companion who will love you unconditionally. The joy you feel when your pup enthusiastically greets you at the door after a long day of work is unmatched! From morning kisses to bedtime cuddles, life will be fuller with your furry friend by your side.

This coming weekend, the Urban Dog Group is proud to be a sponsor of SPCA Tampa Bay’s 32nd Annual Pet Walk in St. Petersburg, Florida!

Join us at North Straub Park on Saturday, April 15th at 8:30 a.m. EST to show your support and raise money for the local shelter and veterinary center. It’s free to walk, and prizes will be awarded for participants who raise more than 25 dollars. SPCA Tampa Bay is more than just an adoption agency for cats and dogs. As a “for-all” shelter, they will never limit admission or turn away a pet of any type or situation. Your personal donations and fundraising efforts will contribute to the organization’s many programs, which in turn benefits the community.

Let The Urban Dog Group help you and your pet with your real estate needs. Contact Christine Elias at

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