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The Benefits of a Pet-Friendly Realtor

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

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When it comes to finding the perfect house, home owners are driven by many needs: location, size, school systems, crime, and more. Many buyers are also influenced by a particular type of family member: their pets! A recent report from Zillow reveals that 46 percent of current homeowners have at least one dog and 34 percent have at least one cat. Moreover, 46 percent of renters have at least one pet, with 48 percent of those individuals requiring a pet-friendly rental.

From fenced-in backyards to proximity to a running path, people are catering to their furry friends’ needs more and more as they house hunt. In fact, the impact of pets on housing decisions has never been more powerful — and experts predict it will continue to rise.

With that thought in mind, let’s look at three benefits of a pet-friendly realtor.

1. They understand your needs as a pet owner.

Pets require a lot of time, money, and attention. From training classes and groomers to veterinarians and outdoor spaces, it’s important that your new home allows you to meet their needs. A pet-friendly realtor can tell you the best animal hospital, local restaurants with outdoor dining spaces for dogs, the least-crowded walking trails, and so much more.

2. They understand the deep love you feel for your pet.

The love you have for your pet may be hard for a non-animal lover to understand. A pet-friendly realtor, however, knows that your pet is a very important member of your family. In fact, chances are, they feel the same way about their own pets!

This love goes beyond extra treats and belly rubs. In a recent report, 43 percent of pet owners reveal they’d be willing to relocate for their pets. More specifically, 18 percent of realtors say they have had clients who have moved solely for their pets. The top three house features for pet owners are a fenced-in yard, larger house size, and flooring.

3. They will spotlight pet-friendly property details in their listings.

Things like a minimal street traffic or a nearby dog park may not matter to all buyers, but they matter to you. A pet-friendly realtor will include these features in their house descriptions, allowing you to get a feel for how your four-legged friend will feel in your potential new home.

At The Urban Dog Group, we pride ourselves on being a pet-friendly realtor.

As animal lovers and dog owners, we understand the special role that your pets play in your life. Our marketing efforts often include details about pet-friendly home features or location benefits. Additionally, it’s important that we give back to the animal rescue community in Central Florida. We often participate in local pet-focused events, whether it’s a walk to raise funds for the SPCA Tampa Bay Animal Shelter or a recurring bingo night at Dog Bar in St. Petersburg.

Let The Urban Dog Group help you with your real estate needs. Contact Christine Elias at

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