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How to Responsibly Rehome Your Pet

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For some pet owners, rehoming their furry friend is a difficult but necessary decision to make. People consider rehoming their pets for a variety of reasons, including loss of a job, loss of a home, illness, injury, behavioral issues, and natural disasters. When doing so, though, it’s important to find a good and loving home for your animal. 

For today’s blog post, let’s consider alternatives to giving up your dog or cat as well as tips for how to responsibly rehome your pet. 

To start, contact your local animal shelter or humane society and inquire about any programs they offer to keep people and their pets together. If they don’t have any options, they may be able to refer to you valuable community resources that can help. 

More specifically, surrender prevention programs are becoming increasingly popular across the nation in an effort to keep pets from entering shelters. They often include pet food pantries, free or low-cost veterinary care, and short- or long-term pet fostering. Additionally, they offer training assistance if behavior is an issue. 

You can also reach out to your pet’s veterinarian. They know your pet’s temperament and may have another client who would be a good fit for their adoption. Plus, if your pet has special needs or medical concerns, they’ll know who’s capable of caring for your animal. They may even allow you to post a flyer in their office to help find a new home for your pet.

If you must rehome your pet, consider the three tips below.

1. Be cautious of social media.

Avoid any sort of advertisement or social media post that extends beyond your own community. No matter what, do not post that your animal is “free to a good home.” Many individuals will take advantage of your generosity and endanger your pet’s wellbeing or even their life.

The same is true for Craigslist. Many pets who have been rehomed on the site become victims of neglect and abuse at the hands of backyard breeders, dog-fighting rings, or other criminals.

2. Focus on home-to-home options.

Home-to-home services help to match you with individuals wanting to adopt. They focus their resources on the animals most in need and allow you to avoid shelters. Rehome by Adopt-A-Pet is a nationwide option with support from Petsmart and Pedigree. As the largest nonprofit pet adoption website in the country, your pet’s profile will be seen by millions of potential adopters. The organization will walk you through the entire process, from developing your pet’s profile and reviewing applications to finalizing your pet’s adoption.

3. Most importantly, be honest!

To give your pet the best chance at a happy future, be transparent about their history and personality. Including any training your pet has as well as how they get along with other animals and people, particularly children. Describe their medical history and any current conditions, and share the contact information of your vet. Include details about their exercise habits and diet as well. Ultimately, share what makes your pet special and worthy of a new home. 

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