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Five Reasons to Get a Dog

It’s no secret that we’re dog lovers. And lucky for us, Central Florida is a great spot for pet owners! From leash-free beaches to dog-friendly parks, restaurants, and hotels, your four-legged friend fits easily into your everyday routine. If you’re still on the fence about growing your family, here are five reasons to get a dog.

Why You Should Get a Dog

1. Science supports it! “There’s an oxytocin feedback loop between pets and owners,” says Shelby Wanser of the Human-Animal Interaction Lab at Oregon State University. Studies show that oxytocin, the relaxing hormone we associate with love, increases when you spend time with your furry friend. Playing with your pet also increases your levels of endorphins, another feel-good hormone. Think about it: You pet your dog. Your dog wags his tail and leans into you. You feel relaxed and content. You pet your dog some more.

2. Pets can help you heal. We’ve all experienced a lot of trauma and sadness during the pandemic — and a pet may be just what you need as you heal from the ups-and-downs of the last 18 months. Not only does a dog or cat give you a sense of responsibility and a purpose, but it provides you with companionship and love, something that many of us have sorely missed during quarantines and social distancing mandates. A pet can also connect you to your loved ones: “If there's a tangible being shared between individuals, it would make sense to me that the shared interest and shared experience would promote a bond between those individuals,” explains Wanser.

3. Pets make kids smarter. This one’s for the parents! One study suggests that kids with a pet learn language more easily and ultimately have better verbal skills than their pet-less peers. A pet is not only a willing listener but also a patient recipient of praise, orders, encouragement, and even punishment. Plus, your four-legged friend is an ever-changing topic of discussion and way to build a child’s vocabulary. Another added-bonus: Pets reduce stress (see more on this benefit below!), which allow children to learn better.

The Benefits of Owning a Pet

4. Pets make you healthier. Studies suggest that pets not only lessen your stress, anxiety, and depression but also lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Of course, there’s the advantage of consistent exercise too. A dog requires daily walking, an activity that the National Institutes of Health reports can increase your lifespan and overall health. Additionally, you’re more likely to spend time outside, basking in the sunshine and vitamin D as your dog zooms around the backyard.

5. You can save a life: There are nearly 90 million pet dogs and 94 million pet cats in the United States right now. Many of these pets need a loving home — something you can provide! Make the world a better place when you rescue a dog or cat from an organization like the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando or your local Humane Society. At The Urban Dog Group, we donate a portion of our proceeds from each transaction to an animal rescue charity. So when you find a home, homeless pets in our community do too!

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