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Ready to Move? Five Questions to Ask If You Want to Find a New Home in the New Year

In many ways, the new year feels like a fresh start. As you think ahead to 2022, you may be ready to make some big changes in your life — including a move! You’re not alone: January and February are two of the most populars months for relocation, often due to career changes, job promotions, or year-end financial bonuses. With this thought in mind, here are five questions to ask if you want to find a new home in the new year.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a House

1. What is my budget? As we discussed last month, it’s important to have a pre-approval letter before you begin house hunting. Not only does this document confirm your financial means and ensure that you have realistic expectations, it also makes you a more attractive buyer for sellers. Given the competitive real estate market, it’s helpful to have a knowledgeable real estate agent and local lender to guide you in this process.

2. Do you need more space, or are you looking to downsize? Maybe you recently expanded your family or need an extra guest room for anticipated visitors. Perhaps a child or relative moved out, and your current house suddenly feels too big. The amount of house you can afford depends greatly on your preferred location, and a trusted real estate professional can help you determine the best spot based on your needs.

3. What are my “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves”? Let’s be honest: It’s nearly impossible to find a home with everything you want. However, a clear vision of what you must have, like a big backyard and a bedroom for each family member, and what would be nice to have, like two closets in the primary bedroom or a mudroom, can help you stay focused. Of course, you need to consider your pets’ needs too! Check out my recent blog post to discover why Central Florida is perfect for pet owners.

New Year, New Home

4. What matters most when it comes to location? You need to establish a few non-negotiables as you determine your ideal location. Is there a particular neighborhood or school system that you’re set on? Are you trying to shorten your commute? Central Florida has so many great options for both families and professionals, including the suburbs of South Orlando and East Orlando.

5. What is my timeframe for moving? Buying a new home is fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. Don’t rush the process! If you have a time constraint, like getting married or relocating for a job, plan ahead and start your search as early as possible. If you have some flexibility with your move-in date, be patient and don’t settle for a house that doesn’t check enough “must-have” boxes. The right house for you and your family is out there.

Wishing you a new year filled with happy house hunting!

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