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How to Prep Your Home This Fall and Winter

a wreath on the front door

Florida residents are fortunate when it comes to cold weather. In January, the average low temperature in Orlando is 51 degrees, while the average low in Tampa is 53 degrees. Of course, it sometimes gets colder than that and occasionally dips below freezing.

With that thought in mind, let’s discuss seven ways to prep your home this fall and winter.

Clean your gutters.

With fall comes falling leaves. Clean out your gutters and drains to prevent clogs and ice dams, which can lead to potential water damage inside and extra energy costs. After you remove the debris, run water through the gutters to check for any hidden blockage or misalignments. Better yet, hire a professional to ensure the job is done right!

Schedule an inspection of your heating system.

Make sure your heating system can keep your home warm as the outside temperatures begin to drop! It’s been months since you used your furnace, so it’s important to give it a little TLC. Each fall, be sure to clean it and remove any build-up that may make it work less efficiently. After it’s cleaned, get it inspected by a professional; this simple step will help to reduce fire risks as well.

When your heater is running regularly throughout the winter months, change your filter regularly to ensure proper air flow. If your furnace needs to be replaced, buy an energy-efficient model to save yourself some money each month on your bill.

Add weatherstrips to doors and windows.

Seal any dreaded drafts by adding weatherstripping to your doors and windows. For stationery areas (like door frames), use caulk. Warm air will escape through any cracks, costing you more to heat your home. This task is especially important in older homes.

Embrace the seasonal spirit!

Add warm, earthy tones to your indoor and outdoor decor with fall-scented candles, dried flower stems, and colorful pumpkins. If you’re ready for the holidays, grab some winterberry or evergreen candles and add a festive wreath to your front door. These added touches will create an inviting atmosphere for your loved ones.

Practice good lawn care habits.

You may not have to cut your grass during the winter months, but it’s still important to keep your yard in good shape. Make sure your tree branches are trimmed, your mulch is replaced as needed, and your flower beds are well-tended. After all, you want to maintain your curb appeal in case you decide to put your home on the market!

To protect your plants from chilly weather, use tarps or even newspapers to cover them. You can bring potted plants into the house or the garage. If indoors isn’t an option, move them closer to the exterior of your house - that will maintain warmer temperatures than your yard or outer edge of your patio.

Update your outdoor lights.

It gets darker earlier during the fall and winter months, making outdoor lights all the more important. Keep you and your loved ones safe by adding small fixtures along any outdoor pathways and replacing the bulbs in your porch lights if needed.

Take care of your pipes and pool.

You have to be particularly careful when it comes to water in the winter. If you’re concerned about a pipe freezing, keep the water flowing at a slow drip. Additionally, keep your pool pump on and check to ensure that the system is running.

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