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How to Hire the Right Moving Company

moving company

You’ve survived the stress and chaos of preparing your house for sale, scheduling showings and open houses, and house hunting for a new home. Now, it’s time to pack and move! Below, we share some general tips for how to hire the right moving company and also offer some local recommendations for Central Florida residents.

Six Tips for Hiring Movers

Here are six tips to guide you as you hire a moving company.

  1. Consider your needs: Are you looking for a company that can help you pack as well as move? How much are you moving? Do you need a storage unit or junk removal? How far are you moving? As you begin to research, make sure the companies you consider check all of the necessary boxes.

  2. Research, research, research: Once you’ve narrowed down your options, dig a little deeper into these companies. Check them out on the Better Business Bureau, and make sure they’re a member of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). You can also pick up the phone and call them! It’s often easy to tell if a company knows what they’re doing based on the way they conduct business with a potential customer.

  3. Schedule at least three in-person estimates: You will want to get in-person estimates about the anticipated cost. That way, the company will truly know what they’ll be moving — everything from your big pieces of furniture to the clothes in your closets and the dishes in your cupboards. If a company hasn’t sent someone to your home to assess your belongings, don’t trust them! The final estimate, which will be based on the weight of your belongings as well as the distance you are moving (i.e. the length of time the move will take), should be in writing.

  4. Compare your estimates: After you collect your estimates, compare them. Carefully read through the documents and inventory lists for any hidden fees or strange language. Watch out for an estimate that is significantly lower or noticeably higher than the other ones. Don’t assume that a well-known company will offer the best service. Your final pick may surprise you!

  5. Confirm your movers: Triple-check to ensure that the correct details, addresses, and date(s) are included on your documents. They should be signed for the bill-of-lading and the order-for-service. Also, ask for the mobile numbers of your moving crew to ensure you can reach them throughout the process of the move.

  6. Practice proper moving etiquette: At the end of your move, be sure you have money handy to tip the movers. For a half-day move (4 hours of less), consider $20 per person. For a full, 8-hour day, opt for $40 per person. For 12 hours of work or more, aim for $50 to $60 per person. Also, if it’s a full-day job, plan to treat your movers to lunch for a midday break. Ordering pizza is always an easy option!

Local Moving Companies

Of course, another good tip for hiring the right moving company is to ask your family and friends — or your real estate agent! Chances are, they’ve recommended movers to previous clients and can give you a sense of who has a good reputation, especially if it’s a local move.

See below for a few moving companies that have a paw of approval from The Urban Dog Group:

  • Two Men and a Truck: This well-known brand is the fastest-growing franchised moving company in the country. They offer comprehensive home and business packing and relocation services. They can also assist with junk removal and storage. Based on our recent personal experience, we can’t recommend them enough!

  • Best USA Movers Orlando: This company covers packing, moving, and furniture assembly. With over 240 5-star reviews, users rave about everything from the booking process to the moving crew. Plus, they are consistently quick to respond if you request a quote.

  • Express Movers of Florida: This company boasts that they offer “friendly, affordable, dependable” service — and the reviews agree! With over 10 years in the business, they know what they’re doing.

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